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About Dr. Ghodratollah

The General Surgery Department of Dr. Ghodratollah is fully equipped to provide comprehensive care for a wide range of surgical disorders. For diseases ranging from the simplest to the most complicated, our highly qualified and experienced surgeons undertake open surgeries as well as minimally invasive procedures. Many of the disorders addressed are related to diseases of the breast, gastrointestinal tract, and abdomen.


General surgeons treat medical disorders affecting the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, breasts, colon, and rectum through consultation and surgery. To diagnose and deliver timely surgical intervention for complex illnesses, the best General Surgeons in Dubai collaborate closely with other specialists engaged in each patient's treatment. In addition, Specialist Surgeons are well-equipped to perform both simple and difficult surgery.


Cancer is synonymous with the term oncology. The department of oncology is responsible for all types of cancer cases, as well as research, investigation, and the development of novel ways to cure cancer and prevent it from spreading. An oncologist is a doctor who specialises in cancer treatment. Surgical, non-surgical, and radiation-based therapies are all available in oncology. After a comprehensive review of your medical condition, your doctor will determine the best treatment for you. At Dr. Ghodratolla, will find the best oncology surgeons in Dubai. They are a highly trained and qualified team who make sure that everything is as per requirements, and everyone is happy with the treatment.


Dr. Ghodratolla is a rapidly rising figure in the healthcare industry, with a reputation for pioneering and sophisticated healthcare facilities in a variety of fields. Dr. Ghodratolla is never happy to rest on its laurels and is always looking for new ways to create new benchmarks with modern infrastructure and innovation-driven healthcare services. Dr. Ghodratolla has drastically turbocharged the healthcare revolution in Dubai, with many more creative and ambitious projects in the works. Our skilled doctors and surgeons are continually breaking new ground in the field of precision diagnostics.


Online Services

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Benign Breast tumors



Advanced laparoscopy

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Hernia Surgery




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Malignant breast tumors



Proctology surgery

Dentist Chair


Work up, diagnosis and follow-up of malignancies




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25 years of experience

5000+ Patients

10 Master Certification



Heena Khalifa

I have visited Dr Nowrasteh’s hospital for the treatment of my benign breast tumour. He was delicate with my condition and even explained the entire procedure from start to end. I will highly recommend him in case you are looking for a permanent cure. 

Aabid Ahmed

My grandmother recently got admitted for her hernia surgery. Dr Ghodratollah performed the surgery and to be honest, his way of handling the patient was excellent. 

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Thomas Smith

I was diagnosed with malignant type after meeting Dr. Ghodratollah for the first time. I am thankful we made it through together.

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