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One of the most important decisions that you will be taking after a breast cancer diagnosis is to choose your treatment team. There are certain requirements that go into the team, i.e your team must include specialists such as a radiation oncologist, breast surgeon, plastic surgeon, medical oncologist, and a genetic counselor. It is not that you can hire a team composed of a random specialist.

There is a procedure that you need to follow in order to meet the research and meet with doctors. At first, you may feel overwhelmed and intimidated about meeting with your specialists. You may also get trigger moments, where you may feel tempted to rush into early decisions and start the treatment process as soon as possible.

But, remember that everything that you will be doing requires proper research and attention. This is why you need to be careful while selecting your Breast cancer surgeon in Dubai, they must be selected based on their expertise and experience, and not because someone told you to go for the person. Always select the doctor who is right for you. Below mentioned the top five things that you need to consider when selecting the key members of your treatment team.

How Good Are They With Communication?

It is always essential to go for a doctor who can explain things in a way you can understand. Always look for a doctor who listens to you, and takes your concerns into his/her account. Your doctor must be interactive and open to your questions, and not that you are being threatened cause of bringing up the treatment method that you’ve researched. Always ask the question to yourself, does the doctor enjoy practicing medicine or has he burned out.

If possible, you can bring in a friend or family member to one of your appointments. You both can combine your first impressions of the doctor. Your company can bring a fresh perspective of what exactly Dr. Nowrasteh is saying, this is important when you are anxious or upset. You may also take more than one appointment to get a feel for whether you communicate well with a doctor.

Breast cancer surgeon in Dubai- Dr. Nowrateh

Do they have the right expertise?

Before confirming, make sure that your doctor has all the required training and expertise to treat a patient. For example, choose an oncologist who specializes in breast cancer, rather than his involvement in several cancer types of treatment. Before heading for the appointment, make sure to gather all the relevant information regarding your treatment and ask the same questions to your doctor in order to know his in-depth knowledge. Your doctor must be well aware of the recent happenings in the medical field. You can also ask for any clinicaltrials in which you can participate.

You will find a ton of information on the internet for your diagnosis and treatment. You can prepare accordingly from the resources that you will find. You can also take the printouts or snapshots of a particular article or treatment method and then discuss it with your breast surgeon Dubai. Remember that your source of concern must be relevant to your medical condition. Your doctor will help you acknowledge the procedure and guide you with the necessary details. Bringing the information to your appointment may also boost up your confidence and can encourage you to be a part of an important discussion regarding future procedures.

Is their office staff responsive?

Not only do you have to pay attention to your Breast surgeon Dubai, but also his office’s staff. Make sure that the staff is helpful, easily accessible, and most importantly returns your call. If you ever feel that your appointment booking indicating your questions answered are frustrating, then that might lead to a broken deal. But, before switching over to other practices, try talking with a doctor about the problems that you are facing with his staff. Sometimes the problem might lie with new staff and it gets overruled with time. This type of problem bus temporary. Always be in direct contact with the doctor through email, cell, or pager.

Could you stick with them over the long term?

If you have metastatic breast cancer, then your doctor might be working with you number of years. Taking hormonal therapy on a long-term basis will require you to have a doctor on your side for a longer duration. You will need regular medical attention

If you have an inherited gene mutation that increases your risk of breast cancer. This is the reason why it’s always better to choose a doctor who is going to be in practice for a considerable duration and must not be close to retiring. Your priorities and approach must be respected by your doctor and it should not be a matter of concern if your doctor is seeing you for a shorter period of time or long-term. The decisions for your treatment must be taken by both.

Do you want to keep looking for another doctor?

Your ultimate goal is to find a suitable Breast cancer surgeon in Dubai, according to your medical condition. In case you can not connect with your doctor, try moving forward and look for a doctor with experience. If you’re lacking confidence in a particular doctor’s recommendations or treatment then, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. Asking for opinions will help you know if the treatment is suitable for you or not. Medical decisions must be taken in a cool mind and there is nothing to rush about, even though it’s an emergency.

Finding the right doctors can be a challenge, but the rewards of choosing Dr Ghodratollah Nowrasteh over others will be worth it. You can trust the team, reach out directly to the doctor, can engage and share decisions with. Moreover, you will feel the environment is friendly and feel a lot better.


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